Recharge Bill Payment Wallet Make easier your life: The time has gone when we have to wait for so long time standing in line for paying of bill. There is no interference of government and paying of extra charges.
Now it became very easy, simple and fast the Buying of playing time for your prepaid mobile phone. In addition, you can top-up your Bilhete Único as well as recompense of your bills from anywhere and anytime is not a problem.
CAUSEs of using the RECARGAPAY:

? Infinite mobile replenishments in Brazil: Vivo, TIM, Claro, Oi, Nextel, Algar
? There is offer of 5% markdown on mobile top-ups depositing cash in wallet through boleto or wire.
? You can only choose the day according to your choice for replenishment, and the remaining work will our app do for you.
? there is no spare charges for using the app!
? The app gives you the advantage of paying through credit card, boleto, wire transfers and even bank deposits
? There a bank account is not necessary
? Your mobile will be replenished even at the time of your offline!
? You can pay all kind of your bills as water, electricity, gas, phone and other boletos
? There is no extra charges for Replenishment of your Bilhete Único from SPTrans.
? The app gives you facility of paying your bill up to 12 parts
? The app serves you around 24-hour
? The app gives a distinctive cut rate for buying of Smartphone
You can replenish your mobile at any time through any hauler without paying of any charges.
It is cool and fast of buying airplay for TIM, buying airplay for VIVO e refill your CLARO. It is up to you to choose the top method to buy a safe replenishment.

The app helps you to refill your vehicle card without paying off any more charges. In addition, you can get your balance instantly. This app makes it easier to take balance Bilhete Único from SPTrans. You can refill any license (Comum, Vale-Transporte e Estudante) by using your mobile phone. Such as you need not to bother of waiting in line yet again!

Payment of YOUR BILLS
? This app enables you to pay your domestic bills like water, electricity, telephone, gas, internet and many more without any bothering yourself!
? Now the payment of bills can be within moments
? You can pay your bills simply by using the barcode reader or by yourself only entering the numbers

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Requirements: Android 4.0.3+